About The Detail

This programme is planned around you. Each week there is an hour’s face-to-face session with Tracy, using Facetime, Skype or instant message. These structured sessions review the previous week’s activity, look at progress and plan for the following week. Each week Tracy introduces a topic related to improving your situation, and provides guidance, advice and tools to support small changes and deal with difficult situations. These topics cover a large range of subjects and are tailored to your personal situation. Exercise is also dealt with during the hour, developing a personalised programme which is reviewed each week as you progress.

Tracy is in regular contact via e-mail, providing motivation and advice, and is available at all times to provide support with significant issues or activities.  Changing habits is not easy, and just about impossible on your own. Having your own personal coach is what makes this programme successful.

This is not a static programme – it evolves as you move towards your goals.